Iona at Peterborough Crit

Iona at Peterborough Crit

Thursday, 16 January 2014

A couple of months winter training in the life of Baby Tate

After the team weekend at my house which was great fun including lots of banter, Christmas was dawning closer. A couple of weeks before the team travelled up to the Tate Household I had just started out training with a coach which I have never done before in cycling. After finding someone who I felt I would work well with I took the leap and began the programme. I have really been enjoying the training plans and my coach is great! Hes detailed with his plans, he understands how work can affect cycling, and also seems to have picked up how my head works when it comes to training very quickly! This has been great for me particularly when it came to being ill for over a week and a half (still have some symptoms remaining) during the week of Christmas as he guided me step by step each day as to what I should do depending on how I felt and iv never felt so stress free during a period of time off training. 

I feel finding a coach in cycling is a really hard task, but I would definitely recommend making the effort to find someone you feel you will work well with, if you havnt already, as its such a great help to have that support behind you, more mentally than physically in some respects!

After a dramatic Christmas, involving my Nan going into Hospital and eating loaded potato skins and scraps from the fridge for Christmas dinner, I was out from training for nearly 2 weeks with a cold. Coming back into training now that im feeling better, winter training is commencing as per usual, cold wet days on the bike but with the excitement of the up and coming Spain training camp with afew of the GB girls and the prospect of competing in the Tour Ta Malta warming me up and keeping me going through the tough weather conditions. 

I have also been planning and looking at the race calendar for the up and coming season with my main targets being the Elite Crits and the Womens Tour Series. I am really looking forward to competing with my teamies and getting some great memories like I have from last year!

Sorry its not a very exciting blog but thats all for now, Baby Tate x

P.s Iv also bought a GBcycles coloured woolly hat, very pleased!