Iona at Peterborough Crit

Iona at Peterborough Crit

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Team training weekend in Ilkley

End of November and time for our first team training weekend of the winter.  We all headed to Brit's in Ilkley, West Yorkshire for the weekend.  I was first to arrive, with living the closest it was just a hop across the boarder from East to West Yorkshire.  The rest were to arrive much later, with an accident on the A1 not helping the others in their attempts to get there.  Brit and I went to a spin class Friday, while we waited for the others to arrive!

10pm before eventually Sandra and Karen arrived.  Then Jo arrived just in time for chocolate fondue and to find Karen, Brit, Chris, Rob and Sandra hiding in the pantry!  I had left the room, so they all decided to hide, like small children!  Giggling coming from the pantry and the joke was back on them as they emerged form the pantry, I jumped out on them and they nearly wet themselves!

Next it was chocolate fondue time, and Brit decided on chocolate face paint!

Nicola then arrived, along with new team mascot bears for everyone!

Next day and it was a ride out to Malham.  Time for a photo stop and a sit in the road (not a single car in sight!).

Then it was down the awesome decent into Arncliffe, dodging sheep on way down!
Bottom of the climb and we met Chris and Rob, who had ridden out other way to meet us.

Caffe stop at the trout farm!  Then it was back to Ilkley via Burnsall, Barden Towers and Bolton Abbey, an awesome bit of road to ride!

That evening it was out for food in the little village of Appletreewick.

Next day was an easy hour and a half's spin.  As few of the group had long car journey's back to the deepest darkest south!